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Award-winning THIEL CS2.4. MCS1, & SS3 SmartSubs featured in Alexis Park sound demo at CES 2006

CES Exhibit: Athena Ballroom, Alexis Park Hotel

January 2006: U.S. loudspeaker manufacturer, THIEL Audio will be the featuring the award-winning CS2.4 loudspeakers and new SS3 SmartSubs in a surround-sound music/home theater system being demonstrated at the Alexis Park Hotel's Athena Ballroom during this year's Consumer Electronics Show, January 5-8, 2006, in Las Vegas.

This 5.2 system includes four CS2.4 loudspeakers for front and rear channels, THIEL's high-performance MCS1 for the center channel, and two of THIEL's new SS3 SmartSub(r) subwoofers, all seamlessly matched with THIEL's innovative SI 1 Integrator and PX series Passive Crossovers.

All of the system's THIEL speakers have been honored as CES Innovations Design and Engineering award winners, with the CS2.4 also being named as a Soundstage "Reviewer's Choice" Award winner, an Electronic House "Product of the Year" and an Absolute Sound 'Editors' Choice." The CS2.4 was recently featured on the cover of Stereophile magazine where Wes Phillips says "Very few speakers get so much right."

Partnering with Bryston and Synergestic Research
THIEL will be partnering with Bryston and Synergistic Research in a revised exhibit layout this year. The active system will feature new products from both companies including Bryston's new SP2 Preamp/Processor and Synergistic Research's new SPEC series cables and interconnects used thoroughout the system. The THIEL speakers will be powered by Bryston's 7B SST monoblocks and 4B SST stereo amplifier, with their new 28B SST MONO power amp and Torus Powerline Conditioners on non-active display.

System Demonstrations Conducted Throughout CES
The THIEL/Bryston/Synergistic Research system will be available for CES attendees to experience throughout the show at the Alexis Park's Athena Ballroom, just off the hotel's lobby area. The Alexis Park is the CES home to world's best audio manufacturers. Over 200 exhibitors offer the best in high performance audio equipment and technology. The complimentary Alexis Park Express shuttle leaves every 15 minutes for the Las Vegas Convention Center.

THIEL Audio Products Company is a privately-held engineering-driven organization that performs research, design, and manufacturing of loudspeakers for the highest quality home music and video sound reproduction. Our products incorporate a variety of technological advancements in driver design, acoustical construction techniques, and crossover design. All our work is directed toward one end: to provide the most realistic sound reproduction possible. THIEL manufactures fourteen individual products; the surface-mount PowerPoint 1.2; in-wall PowerPlane1.2; in-ceiling HigherPlane1.2; flat-panel video display speaker ViewPoint; SS1, SS2, SS3, and SS4 subwoofers, the SmartSub™ Integrator; bookshelf-sized SCS4 and MCS1; and the floor-standing CS1.6, CS2.4, CS3.7, all ranging in price from $990 to $9,900 ea.

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