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The New CS3.7
THIEL Offering Active Demo of CS3.7

High Performance 2-Channel System Demo in Sands/Venetian Bassano 2601

(Lexington, KY) — January, 2008—U.S. loudspeaker manufacturer THIEL Audio (www.thielaudio.com) will be featuring the floor-standing CS3.7 (now in production and shipping to dealers) as well as the THIEL SmartSub® Integrator and SS2 subwoofers in a 2-channel music system being demonstrated at the 2008 CES, Jan. 7th-10th, 2008, in Las Vegas, NV. THIEL will be located in the Sands/Venetian facility, Bassano 2601.

The CS3.7, named as a CES Innovations Design & Engineering Award Winner for 2007 and Product of the Year by EH Publishing, is THIEL's finest loudspeaker ever. Product designer Jim Thiel says that the CS3.7 represents “the most significant product introduction from THIEL in at least ten years” and showcases the latest and greatest of his design innovations.

Unusual cabinet construction using curved sides, an aluminum dome and baffle as well as the CS3.7's radical and unique driver technology are at the heart of this exciting new product from THIEL. The new driver design allows both the CS3.7 midrange and tweeter to operate as near-perfect pistons and deliver pure, distortion free sound that provides the listener with an experience approaching the excitement of a live musical performance. The CS3.7 has a suggested retail price of $9900 per pair.

SmartSub® Integrator: THIEL’s SmartSub® Integrator is an active electronic device designed to achieve near-perfect integration between a THIEL subwoofer and virtually any pair of “main” loudspeakers. “The SmartSub® Integrator takes the guesswork out of subwoofer crossover adjustments,” says designer Jim Thiel. “Rather than you telling the subwoofer how to perform by setting controls for crossover frequency, level, and phase, the Integrator’s SmartSub® circuitry automatically calculates the ideal settings once you enter information about your main speakers. The result is sonic performance as balanced and seamless as a full-range speaker with extremely high output capability.”

The Integrator can be used in augment mode to extend the bass range of the system’s main speakers or in crossover mode to transfer the bass energy from the main speakers into the subwoofer, allowing the overall system to play at higher output levels. The Integrator’s SmartSub® microprocessor technology automatically calculates the subwoofer response that provides the most seamless and musical system performance based upon main speaker parameters entered into the Integrator by the end-user. The Integrator utilizes two-channel circuitry so that stereo bass can be preserved when multiple subwoofers are employed, and comes complete with a remote control, balanced and unbalanced low level inputs and outputs, and can be used with up to 16 subwoofer modules in very large systems. The SmartSub® has an MSRP is $4400.

SS2 SmartSub®: THIEL’s SS2 subwoofer can be easily adjusted to accurately eliminate room interaction problems for any placement, without microphones or complicated measurements. Additionally, the SS2 incorporates unique electronic circuitry that corrects for compression distortion due to heating of the drivers’ voice coils for more dynamic and effortless reproduction.
The 1000-watt SS2 employs two long-throw short coil/long gap 10" woofers in a 23.5" H x 11" W x 20" D, 108 pound cabinet with up to 105dB of output at 20 Hz and up to 112dB at 30 Hz.

Additional System Components: THIEL’s CES 2008 demo system will be powered by Bryston 28B SST amplifiers, controlled by the Bryston BP26 preamplifier, and utilize the heralded Bryston BCD-1 CD player as a source. Power conditioning and surge protection will be handled by a Torus RM-20 line conditioner. All wiring will be provided by Cardas Cable.

THIEL Audio Products Company is a privately-held engineering-driven organization that performs research, design, and manufacturing of loudspeakers for the highest quality home music and video sound reproduction. Our products incorporate a variety of technological advancements in driver design, acoustical construction techniques, and crossover design. All our work is directed toward one end: to provide the most realistic sound reproduction possible. THIEL manufactures fourteen individual products; the surface-mount PowerPoint 1.2; in-wall PowerPlane1.2; in-ceiling HigherPlane1.2; flat-panel video display speaker ViewPoint; SS1, SS2, SS3, and SS4 subwoofers, the SmartSub™ Integrator; bookshelf-sized SCS4 and MCS1; and the floor-standing CS1.6, CS2.4, CS3.7, all ranging in price from $990 to $9,900 ea.

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