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New PowerPoint 1.2 and PowerPlane 1.2 featured in THIEL sound demo at CEDIA Expo, Sept 9-11, 2005

September 2005: U.S. loudspeaker manufacturer, THIEL Audio will be featuring their new aluminum cabinet architectural models, the PowerPoint(r) 1.2 PowerPlane(r) 1.2, and HigherPlane 1.2 Coherent Source(r) loudspeakers, in a live demonstration at this year's CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis, September 9-11. The new cast aluminum cabinets offer significant sonic improvements in both clarity and dynamics. The new surface-mount PowerPoint 1.2 has also been reshaped with a new, sleek, rounded look, and the new in-wall PowerPlane 1.2's size has been reduced by 20 percent. THIEL will be exhibiting at booth SR-14 in the RCA dome.

Second-generation, aluminum cabinet design eliminates unwanted vibration for improved sonic performance
The new surface-mount PowerPoint 1.2 and in-wall PowerPlane 1.2 are second-generation designs of the original, award-winning PowerPoint and PowerPlane. Their cast aluminum cabinets' non-resonant walls eliminate unwanted vibration and the cabinet's special shape adds rigidity and helps absorb internal energy by reducing unwanted reflections to significantly improve both clarity and dynamics.

"We have developed unique speakers optimized for the highest level of sonic reproduction while remaining visually unobtrusive, disappearing into any decor," says THIEL president Kathy Gornik. "Owners of these new models can enjoy their favorite music throughout the house and experience spectacular home theater sound, establishing an entirely new standard for distributed entertainment systems."

The two-way PowerPoint 1.2 and PowerPlane 1.2's coaxial/coplanar 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch dome tweeter use THIEL's innovative short coil/long gap motor system for extremely low distortion and both use aluminum diaphragms for outstanding tonal response. The tweeter is the same unit as used in THIEL's flagship model, the $16,000 CS7.2.

"I'm especially pleased that these special application products provide complete time and phase coherence for more realistic sound reproduction," says product designer Jim Thiel. Phase and time coherence is achieved with phase-correct first-order crossovers and coincident driver mounting.

 "The PowerPoint 1.2 and PowerPlane 1.2 bring a new level of performance to a speaker category that usually compromises sonic performance for usability."

PowerPoint 1.2
The PowerPoint 1.2 is a high performance surface-mount model designed to help the listener create the optimum sound environment in their room. The PowerPoint 1.2 can be placed on ceilings or walls, and used as front, center, rear, or side channels for very realistic sound reproduction in home video and music sound systems. The PowerPoint 1.2's combination of coaxial/coplanar drivers, wedge shaped enclosure, and 90 degree radiation pattern enables the sound to cover the room far more completely than traditional, more directional surface-mount or in-wall speakers. By utilizing the combination of mounting the woofer very close and angled to the wall surface, the PowerPoint 1.2 eliminates the wall-reflection cancellation that mars the sonic performance of virtually every other surface-mounted speaker, therefore providing a greater degree of tonal fidelity, accuracy, and more natural spaciousness. The suggested retail price of the PowerPoint 1.2 is $1450 each.

PowerPlane 1.2
The PowerPlane 1.2 is an in-wall loudspeaker designed to provide much higher levels of sonic performance than other in-wall speakers available today. When space is a factor, the new PowerPlane delivers the most realistic sound possible from the smallest area. Its subtle, architectural design and paintable surface integrates well with almost any home decor. Using the same high quality components and innovative engineering techniques used our floor-standing and bookshelf models, the two-way PowerPlane is a true high performance in-wall speaker for listeners who wish to have great sound in every room of their home. The PowerPlane 1.2's size has been reduced by 20 percent from the original model, making it easier than ever to install. The suggested retail price of the PowerPlane 1.2 is $990 each.

The HigherPlane 1.2 is an in-ceiling version of the in-wall PowerPlane 1.2. In addition to a new aluminum cabinet, the HigherPlane uses the same high performance time and phase correct coaxial driver and crossover design as the PowerPlane to offer a much higher level of resolution and realism than found in conventional in-ceiling loudspeakers. The HigherPlane's 11-inch diameter, paintable, aluminum baffle and grille disappear into the ceiling, leaving only the excellent sounds from your favorite music or movies. The suggested retail price of the new HigherPlane 1.2 is $990 each.

Used throughout the home
The upgraded PowerPoint and PowerPlane can be used as front, center, side, or rear-channel speakers in home video and music systems. They can also be used alone or in pairs throughout the home in bedrooms, kitchens, and offices for outstanding sound everywhere. Their attractive, architectural design integrates well with a variety of decors. Each of the new models come in a paintable off-white finish or can be custom painted by THIEL in a variety of colors to match the customer's home.

 Specifications include a frequency response of ±3 dB from 75 Hz to 20 kHz, a sensitivity of 89 dB @ 2.8 V-1m, phase response within ±10° of minimum, and a 4 ohm nominal impedance. Horizontally oriented, the PowerPoint 1.2's cabinet dimensions are 21" wide, 6.5" deep, and 12 " high, weighing 16 pounds; the PowerPlane 1.2 at 15.25" wide, 4" deep, and 9" high, 10 pounds; and the HigherPlane 1.2 with an 11" diameter front and a depth of 6.75, weighing 8 pounds. 

THIEL Audio Products Company is a privately-held engineering-driven organization that performs research, design, and manufacturing of loudspeakers for the highest quality home music and video sound reproduction. Our products incorporate a variety of technological advancements in driver design, acoustical construction techniques, and crossover design. All our work is directed toward one end: to provide the most realistic sound reproduction possible. THIEL manufactures sixteen loudspeaker models; the surface-mount PowerPoint 1.2; in-wall PowerPlane 1.2; in-ceiling HigherPlane 1.2; flat-panel video display speaker ViewPoint; SS1, SS2, SS3, and SS4 subwoofers; bookshelf-sized SCS3 and MCS1; PCS mini-monitor; and the floor-standing CS1.6, CS2.4, CS3.6, CS6, and CS7.2, all ranging in price from $2,190 to $16,000 per pair.

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