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PowerPoint 1.2 named Electronic House
"Product of the Year"

The PowerPoint 1.2 is "cool because Thiel is 'The Truth' when it comes to loudspeakers."

September 2005: THIEL Audio's new surface-mount PowerPoint 1.2 has been named as an Electronic House magazine "Product of the Year" for 2005. The PowerPoint 1.2 will be featured as part of THIEL's live sound demonstration at this year's CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis, September 9-11, booth SR-14 in the RCA Dome.

"Homeowners who desire the aesthetic benefits of an on-wall loudspeaker will not be disappointed by the performance of the PowerPoint 1.2," says Electronic House. "It can be placed on ceilings and walls, is extremely low distortion, and is built in a cool-looking aluminum cabinet. All Thiel products are designed, engineered and manufactured by the company in its Kentucky facilities. The result is a line of products that are unique in a marketplace where innovation is rare."

The EH Product of the Year Awards are based on product demos, talking with installers and users and "just going out on a limb for products we found to be promising," says EH. "Topping our list of criteria is technological innovation, combined with overall value-and just plain outstanding features." The PowerPoint 1.2 is "cool because Thiel is 'The Truth' when it comes to loudspeakers." The EH Product of the Year Awards are in their fourth year.

THIEL Audio Products Company is a privately-held engineering-driven organization that performs research, design, and manufacturing of loudspeakers for the highest quality home music and video sound reproduction. Our products incorporate a variety of technological advancements in driver design, acoustical construction techniques, and crossover design. All our work is directed toward one end: to provide the most realistic sound reproduction possible. THIEL manufactures sixteen loudspeaker models; the surface-mount PowerPoint 1.2; in-wall PowerPlane 1.2; in-ceiling HigherPlane 1.2; flat-panel video display speaker ViewPoint; SS1, SS2, SS3, and SS4 subwoofers; bookshelf-sized SCS3 and MCS1; PCS mini-monitor; and the floor-standing CS1.6, CS2.4, CS3.6, CS6, and CS7.2, all ranging in price from $2,190 to $16,000 per pair.

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