To complement a variety of decorating tastes, we offer a number of cabinet finishes and grille fabric colors. Finishes other than Walnut, Black Ash, Cherry, Oak, and Maple, and grille cloth other than Black, are offerred for an additional charge. Custom finishes are also available. All of our veneers are hand-selected to obtain the most beautiful characteristics of the wood. Speakers are built as a pair from the very beginning of the manufacturing process. The veneer for each pair is mirror matched by hand, creating visual balance and harmony between the two speakers for an elegant effect.

We take pride in our woodworking and ability to provide a variety of finishes and grille fabrics to fit your home's decor. We hope you enjoy our work.


White Oak

Birds-eye Maple


Natural Cherry

Black Ash



Striped Mahogany

Dark Cherry


Composite Ebony

Let us customize a cabinet especially for you. We can paint, stain, and even match a cabinet to your furniture.

The models CS1.6, CS2.4, and SmartSubs are available in a Satin Black cabinet finish, shown here.

Satin Black

NOTE: These samples are a representation of the general character of the cabinet finish. Real wood varies considerably in color and grain pattern, and computer monitors can add color and brightness variables, so your THIEL loudspeaker finish may differ from the samples shown. We recommend viewing actual wood samples available at your dealer to make your final selection.

Grille Fabric Colors






Black (standard)

THIEL is concerned about the impact of manufacturing on the environment. We purchase veneer only from responsible foresters, and contribute to sustainable forest management by funding the planting of 10 trees for each that we use. We avoid the use of high- formaldehyde wood products and glues, and our finishing products exceed stringent EPA guidelines.

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