THIEL Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How much amplifier power do I need?

2. How should I place my speakers for the best performance?

3. What kind of amplifiers sound best with THIEL speakers?

4. What do time response and phase response mean and how do they affect speaker performance?

5. Why do THIEL speakers have sloped baffles?

6. Why does THIEL use cone drivers and cabinet enclosures rather than panels, ribbons, or membranes?

7. What components of THIEL speakers are designed and built at the THIEL factory?

8. What is the length of THIEL's warranty?

9. Can I use THIEL speakers for a home theater?

10. Does THIEL offer a subwoofer?

11. What cabinet finishes and grille fabrics are available?

12. Can I purchase speakers directly from the manufacturer?

14. How should I approach buying the best speaker for me? What should I listen for?

15. How can I improve the sound of my listening room?

16. Can I bi-wire or bi-amp THIEL speakers?

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