Hand-selected veneers of the world's most beautiful woods

Manufacturing begins with the careful selection of hardwood veneers chosen from woods specially reserved for us by the producers. Craftsmen then match the veneer for the most attractive fit. THIEL purchases veneer only from responsible foresters, and contributes to sustainable forest management.


High precision machining ensures tight tolerances for complex cabinet designs.

High precision CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) machining centers achieve cabinet cut tolerances of two-tenths of one millimeter. Custom made and programmed, the CNCs make complex cabinet design possible and increase production efficiency.


Crossover networks are hard-wired using premium components.

The heart of the speaker is the crossover network. To ensure excellent performance and long-term reliability, THIEL's crossovers are hard-wired with the highest quality electrical parts, such as polystyrene capacitors, 99.99% pure copper wire, and silver solder. Each crossover is then thoroughly tested by computer for proper performance.


Hand-assembled cabinets for the finest fit and most rugged construction

THIEL's skilled cabinet makers assemble the precision parts so joints are tight and veneer grain patterns flow seamlessly from top to bottom in matched pairs. Cabinet walls are thick, and the enclosures are heavily braced to increase stiffness and reduce unwanted vibration.


Standard and custom finishes receive the same special, one-of-a-kind care.

We consider each cabinet a piece of fine furniture. Each is individually sanded and finished with extreme care to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. The result is a cabinet finish of the highest caliber, built to enhance and complement the aesthetics of your home. The finish coatings we use are very low in toxicity and exceed the EPA's environmental emission standards.


Unique design and materials represent the state-of-the-art in driver technology

The unique design of THIEL's drivers is actualized by careful assembly of high precision components and materials to build the world's finest speaker drivers. From the intricate workings of the motor systems and diaphragm assemblies to the massive magnets and extremely rigid magnesium baskets, THIEL drivers represent the state-of-the-art in driver technology and performance.


Careful hand assembly

All phases of manufacturing meet on the final assembly table. Cabinets, drivers, crossovers, wiring, and trim are meticulously assembled to complete the speaker building process. Every connection is double checked; every seal is reviewed for proper functioning; every screw is tightened to its proper torque. No speaker leaves the table until it is worthy of the THIEL logo.


We test each and every THIEL speaker to ensure consistency of performance.

Each speaker is tested and its performance measured under anechoic conditions to ensure that its performance matches the original design prototype. Every speaker is then scrutinized from top to bottom for flaws or defects not detected in earlier stages. These quality steps are taken to make sure your speakers arrive problem-free and perform flawlessly. We are proud of the result.


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