CS7.2 receives rave review in Audio magazine

"I have used Thiel speakers in my reference system for years, but the CS7.2 is a breakthrough," says reviewer Anthony Cordesman in the December Audio magazine. "They have few rivals, even at prices up to $17,000 per pair. "

A rave review in Audio magazine would normally be enough to make us pretty happy, but making the cover of the magazine as its feature product was even more cause for celebration. The CS7.2s are shown dwarfing a city's skyscraper skyline thanks to a bit of computer photographic magic. A "Towering Achievement: THIEL's CS7.2s," reads the cover's headline.

Mr. Cordesman compares the CS7.2 to the CS7 it replaced by saying "the CS7 was an outstanding performer, but the CS7.2 is much better. Its sound is sweeter, cleaner, and more dynamic. Most important, the CS7.2 delivers a warmth and natural sweetness in the midrange that I have not heard from previous Thiel designs. Moreover, it does so without losing any upper-midrange or treble detail."

"The CS7.2 is a breakthrough ...they have few rivals," --Anthony Cordesman, Audio Magazine, December '98

The review discusses the new all THIEL designed and built drivers as largely contributing to this improved performance. "The new drivers have as much resolving power as any ribbon or electrostatic driver," says Mr. Cordesman. "Certainly, the CS7.2 rivals the best electrostatics and ribbons I have heard and it is coherent over a much wider listening area than any electrostatic I have auditioned to date."
Mr. Cordesman notes the improved bass response of the CS7.2. "The CS7's deep bass was very good, but it never quite had the power and life (or 'slam') to match the midrange and treble. By contrast, the CS7.2's bass is powerful and deep. This speaker does an excellent job of reproducing all but the deepest organ pedal tones and synthesizer music."

The review is a nice balance of engineering description and sonic evaluation. Driver design, coaxial mounting, and cabinet construction are covered in depth for those wanting to know more about the why the CS7.2s performs so well. Mr. Cordesman also evaluates the speaker with a wide variety of music and test CD tracks, giving excellent results. "string and piano performance is superb. The CS7.2 really lets you hear the differences between a Stradivarius and a Guarneri or a Steinway and a Bosendorfer. Judy Collins' vocal sibilants on Judith are a particularly demanding test, and they provide another example of the CS7.2's ability to reproduce lots of detail yet still preserve musicality."

"It delivered the flattest response I have yet measured using test tones on Chesky's Gold Stereo and Surround Sound Set -up Disc. The CS7.2 does an outstanding job of reproducing two brutally demanding sets of bass tones on Alan Parsons and Stephen Court's Sound Check and "Shake, Rattle, and Roll," track 18 [on the Chesky disc].

Mr. Cordesman concludes the review with a "must audition" recommendation. He also suggests that if your pocketbook won't stretch to the CS7.2's price tag, "the sound quality I have described can be found in the CS2.3 ...or the CS6 for [less] a pair. Indeed, a mix of these Thiels would be one hell of a combination for home theater!"

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