CES 2001

- THIEL played a prototype of the upcoming SW1 subwoofer for the first time in public at the January 2001
Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as part of two multichannel demonstration systems

- The Perfect Vision names the PowerPoint as an "Editor's Choice 2000" Award Winner

- Ibiquity Digital Radio demonstrates their new technology with van-mounted PowerPoints


THIEL's CES exhibit filled five rooms of the beautiful Alexis Park Resort's Convention Center


THIEL's main demonstration room featured a 7 channel system using three THIEL MCS1s as front right, left and center; four ceiling-mounted THIEL PowerPoints as left and right rear and left and right side channels; and two prototype SW1 subwoofers. Both video and music were demonstrated.

THIEL's second demonstration room featured a 5 channel system using five ceiling-mounted THIEL PowerPoints and a prototype SW1 subwoofer for music demonstration. 


Going Mobile!

The versatility of the THIEL PowerPoints was never more evident than when iBiquity Digital mounted in a pair in a Dodge van to demonstrate their new digital radio technology at the Las Vegas Convention Center. iBiquity wanted to use very high quality speakers to demonstrate the difference in the quality of their signal compared with conventional AM and FM broadcasts.

iBiquity Digital's iDAB™ technology will enable radio broadcasters to transmit a digital signal, capable of delivering CD-like audio as well as wireless data signals for a wide variety of consumer applications, including traffic and weather information. In the future, in-vehicle, home and potentially a host of non-traditional digital radio receivers, such as personal digital assistants and smart phones,
will receive wireless data transmitted by AM and FM digital radio stations. For more information, go to www.ibiquity.com


The Perfect Vision's Mark Fisher presented Jim Thiel with the magazine's
"Editor's Choice 2001" Award for the PowerPoint loudspeaker at this year's CES.




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