Record breaking CES for THIEL

PowerPoints/multichannel SACD system "best sound of the show"


The performance of the new PowerPoints (l/c/r shown here on the floor!) ovewhelmed visitors in our CES exhibit room. Home Theater packages were also displayed with the design-in-progress THIEL subwoofer.

A combination of outstanding sound, unprecedented press interest, and a flood of new business made the 2000 CES the most successful show in THIEL's history. THIEL attendance was at an all-time high, especially with those interested in our home theater and custom installation products. The Las Vegas CES also set attendance records with over 126, 000 attendees and the most exhibitors and exhibit space in the show's 34 year history.

"only beautiful music"
The performance of our new surface-mount PowerPoints overwhelmed visitors in our exhibit room. The "jaw dropping" sound, as more than one dealer put it, was a result of the PowerPoints used with a prototype six-channel SACD audio player from Sony and Phillips. It was amazing to witness the same scene over and over-jaded audio veterans sitting down for a listen, then seeing broad smiles come to their faces, taken by not just better tonal balance, clarity, or some other audiophile-labeled characteristic, but with an awe that this is more like real music than anything they have ever heard. "No tweeters, no woofersonly beautiful music," said THIEL's distributor in Italy, Sanino Vaturi.

Not only were the PowerPoints used as rear and center speakers in the multi-channel set-up, including a height channel, but two were also alternately used with a pair of PCSs as the main front left and right speakers. "This is the best sound at the show and the best sound THIEL has ever had," said Lenny Bellezza of Lyric Hi Fi in New York City. Kevin Hunt of the Hartford Courant wrote in his January 20 article that THIEL's system, "was a revelationbeautifully relaxed, lifelike soundand a chorus of heavenly voices echoing shelter from the desert sun in Las Vegas. "
The multi-channel SACD system and software, courtesy of Sony's David Kawakami, Phillips, and Tom Jung of DMP, even included a custom-made 6-channel preamp for true discrete multi-channel sound. A big thank you to those folks for helping create such wonderful sound. The system also consisted of two Krell two-channel amplifiers and a Sim Audio multichannel amp, with Alpha-Core Goertz Micro Purl Silver interconnects and speaker wire.

PCS Wins CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award
The PCS was awarded the International Consumer Electronics Show Innovation's 2000 Design and Engineering Award at this year's CES. The PCS is the 17th THIEL speaker to receive this honor.

Innovations is the Consumer Electronics Association's prestigious competition which honors product excellence in design and engineering. The Design and Engneering Honors Program recognizes the most innovative products in several consumer electronics categories. Product evaluations are based on weighted criteria: value to the user, asthetics, contributions to the quality of life, as well as the product's innovative qualities.

Press Conference
Our CES press conference, where we officially introduced the PowerPoint, PowerPlane, and PCS, was our best attended press gathering ever. Of the 65 attendees, 28 were international press representing seven different countries. Besides generating greater coverage for THIEL in the consumer and industry press, Jim Thiel's conference presentation motivated most of the press conference attendees to visit our exhibit to hear and see the new products, including the prototype of the new, innovative THIEL subwoofer. Look for increased coverage of our new products.

New Dealers

We were happy to see so many of our current dealers and distributors at CES. With surround-sound and custom installation becoming a larger part of our dealers' business, they were excited to see the direction THIEL is taking to produce innovative, high performance products that address this market. Bill Petters of Sound Components in Florida thinks "the new products will transform THIEL's business at our store. You have now provided us with real solutions, and THIEL can now successfully be sold into our home theater setups."

We also received more new dealer inquiries than ever before. From the record number of applications we have received since the show, our new custom installer program is proving to be of great interest to many of the best North American custom installation businesses. "The PowerPoints are awesome sounding and I love their versatility, as do my customers," says Jason Hitchcock of Custom Home Electronics, a new THIEL custom installer in O'Fallon, Missouri.

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