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--CS7.2 named "Speaker of the Millennium"

--Stereophile publishes rave review of CS7.2


New MCS1 reviews: includes new review from Tony Cordesman


 THIEL CES 2001 News


Announcing the new PowerPoint™
surface-mount and PowerPlane™ in-wall
high performance loudspeakers


 New 19" tall PCS, Personal Coherent
Source loudspeaker wins Innovations 2000
Design and Engineering Award



Record breaking CES 2000 for THIEL:

PowerPoints/Multi-channel SACD
"best sound of the show"



Two THIEL multichannel

loudspeaker models, the MCS1

and SCS3 available


THIEL CS2.3 receives rave reviews

from around the world.


Flagship CS7.2 captures cover, rave

review in Audio Magazine


THIEL CS2.3 is fastest selling

THIEL loudspeaker model ever


New THIEL multichannel MCS1 wins

Innovations Design & Engineering Award



Stereophile,The Absolute Sound and

Widescreen Review interview

designer Jim Thiel


Lexington's Maxwell & Meadowthorpe

Elementary School students tour THIEL

to learn more about how businesses work.

Click here for Maxwell Elementary School Tour

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