Lexington's Lafayette High School technology students tour THIEL


THIEL hosted two groups of Lafayette High School, Lexington, KY pre-engineering students as part of a program to expose students to real-world applications of math and science. These freshman experienced first-hand how an idea can be formed and shaped, then implemented and manufactured into a high quality, marketable product.

The students, who are on an accelerated path of advanced math and science study, started out in product designer Jim Thiel's lab where theory is tested and measured, evolving into prototype speakers. Then it was on to the production department where craftsmanship meets precison and efficiency. The students saw how cabinet veneer is selected, cabinet parts cut and shaped on computer-numeric controlled machinery, electronics built, then all finished, assembled, and tested to stringent standards. The students could also see what is required and what background is needed to perform the various jobs of design and production.

A special thanks to Lafayette teachers Brian Toy, Gene Toth, and Connie Waspe for their work in Layfayette's great program to promote excellence and inspire achievement in our schools. Part of their involvement with THIEL stems from THIEL president, Kathy Gornik, who is past chair of the Lexington Partnership for Workforce Development, a group that attempts to improve the quality of education through meaningful workplace experiences. If the bright students who visited THIEL are any indication, we can all be optimistic about our technological future.



Thanks to all of the great students (and future engineers) and their teachers
for making the tour such a wonderful experience!

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