Meadowthorpe Elementary School students
to learn
how businesses work





50 first, second and third graders from Lexington's Meadowthorpe Elementary School visited THIEL recently to learn more about how businesses work. THIEL president, Kathy Gornik, who works with Lexington's school system to increase student's economic awareness and improve job skills gets plenty of respones to her question about specialized labor.



THIEL's Rick Edington shows the students how THIEL joins veneer for mirror-matched cabinets. Meadowthorpe teacher, Teresa Vance, is shown far right.



Roy Simpson shows the students how the speaker cabinets are assembled.




Sales Manager and Tour Mystic Gregg Evans explains how THIEL's Computer Numeric Controlled Machining Centers precisely cut and shape cabinet parts.




Gregg lets the students get close to a freshly sanded cabinet as Meadowthorpe teacher Janice Duncan looks on.




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