Maxwell Elementary School students
to learn
how businesses work


 Camila (r) and Shantai (l)




Thirty-two third graders from Lexington's Maxwell Elementary School visited THIEL
recently to learn more about how businesses work. THIEL president, Kathy Gornik, who works
with Lexington's school system to increase student's economic awareness and improve job skills,
talks to the student about running a business.





THIEL's Rick Edington describes the materials used in making the speaker cabinets to (left to right) Matthew, Stephen, Michael, Rachel and Jordan.





Rick shows the students how the speaker cabinets are assembled. Some of the students were even able to help with the work.





One of the visiting students is our CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) machining center manager's son, Brandon Besten, who finds out what it takes to precisely cut cabinet parts.





THIEL's sales manager, Gregg Evans, goes over how we test the
speakers in our measuring chamber.




Kathy Gornik shows a Princess Diana Beanie Baby to illustrate the concept
of supply and demand.



  A listening session featuring Mariah Carey and the "Men In Black" soundtrack played through our top-of-the-line CS7.2s wrapped up the morning. Equally impressive were the cookies and juice we served.


Thanks to all of the great students and their teachers
for making the tour such a wonderful experience!


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