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Fayette County school teachers visit THIEL as part of Fast Forward Program

Educational program designed to expose selected teachers to the realities of the work world for which they must prepare their students.

Fifteen teachers from Fayette County schools (KY) visited THIEL Audio on November 12, 2004 as part of their curriculum in Fast Forward, a program instituted by the Partnership For Workforce Development on whose board Kathy Gornik serves. Fast Forward is a program to expose selected teachers to the realities of the work world for which they must prepare their students. In addition to a factory tour and demo, these teachers heard from THIEL staff, including Jim Thiel, about their various roles in the company and got a lesson in Free Market Economics from Kathy Gornik. We commend these educators for the dedication to teaching young people and their pursuit of further education for themselves.

Teachers visiting THIEL included: Courtney Mitchell, The Academy; Lauren Brooks, Arlington; Lynell Webb, Ashland; Michelle Graves, Booker T. Washington; Lindsey Kozer, Breckinridge; Felipe Sarinana, Cardinal Valley; Michelle Grant, Deep Springs; Jane Hellmann, Harrison; Kristy Porter, James Lane Allen; Crystal Johnson, Johnson; Naomi Carroll, Mary Todd; Genia Harrison, Northern; Sue Jones, Russell Cave; Sara Chamberlain, Tates Creek; Kara Burton, Yates; Mary Ann Vimont, University of Kentucky.


CS7.2 named Reviewers Choice
"Edge of the Art" award winner

"The THIEL CS7.2s are among the very small handful of loudspeakers that could be considered the best in the world...
At $13,500 a pair, I'd put 'em against anybody's $80,000 contender."

--Wes Phillips, Soundstage!

Read about the award here
Read the full online review here



" ...they sound so good they actually turn the audio world, ummm, upside down,' --Wes Phillips

Read the latest PowerPoint ® surface-mount loudspeaker at OnHomeTheater.com

The THIEL PowerPoints continue to receive critical acclaim. Read the latest rave review from Wes Phillips at OnHomeTheater.com, "The Thiel PowerPoints are speakers that were born of necessity and -- through Jim Thiel's design insights and Thiel's general construction integrity -- overcame the conventional shortcomings attributed to an entire class of loudspeakers. That's a pretty amazing story in itself."




MCS1 System selected as "Recommended Component" by April 2002 Stereophile Guide To Home Theater

"THIEL delivers with this high performance package...the THIEL MCS1 system always sounds 'fast', clean, and open, with excellent microdynamics and a clarity that clearly reveals details in complex material."

Click HERE to find out more about the MCS1


Home Theater Sound/SoundStage!
Reviews the MCS1

"The Thiel MCS1 array has so many qualities that make it an ideal choice for a do-it-all, flexible system that I hardly know where to begin...The MCS1 system is a real winner."

--Jeff Fritz, Home Theater Sound/Soundstage!

Read full online review HERE



SW1 Subwoofer wins 2002 Innovations Design and Engineering Award, THIEL's 18th D&E Award since 1978

The THIEL SW1 has been awarded the International Consumer Electronics Show Innovation's 2002 Design and Engineering Award. The SW1, with four patents-pending, is the 18th THIEL speaker to receive this honor since 1978

Innovations is the Consumer Electronics Association's prestigious competition which honors product excellence in design and engineering. The Design and Engneering Honors Program recognizes the most innovative products in several consumer electronics categories. Product evaluations are based on weighted criteria: value to the user, asthetics, contributions to the quality of life, as well as the product's innovative qualities.



Lexington Lafayette High School Technology Students Tour THIEL

Pre-engineering students from Lexington, Kentucky's Lafayette High School visited THIEL to experience how math and science can be put to work to create high performance, marketable products for the real world. Read MORE



PowerPoint named one of the TOP 50 PRODUCTS
by Home Automation Magazine

"Put the PowerPoint almost anywhere and you will get great sound. Place on walls and ceilings--just about any flat surface. These high performance loudspeakers can be used as front, center, or rear-channel speakers in your home video and music systems. Or if you're looking for something more intimate, place one in your bedroom, kitchen, or office."

Home Automation web site



PowerPoint Selected as "Editor's Choice Award 2001" Winner by The Perfect Vision

"Thiel has a long history of creative innovation in loudspeaker design, and the new PowerPoint may be the icing on the cake. Using a radically different driver (a coaxial design) in a radically different (swept back, pentagonal) enclosure, designer Jim Thiel has created as what only can be described as a breakthrough in surround-sound performance. According to Tom Miiller: 'In all my years of reviewing, I have never encountered a product that so completely met a need as the PowerPoints meet the needs of high-performance home theater.' " More HERE


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