The New THIEL HigherPlane In-ceiling Loudspeaker

╩High performance, in-ceiling version of the in-wall PowerPoint and award-winning PowerPlane offers a much higher level of resolution and realism than found in conventional in-ceiling loudspeakers

The HigherPlane is a high performance in-ceiling loudspeaker based on the in-wall PowerPoint and the award-winning surface-mount PowerPoint.

Out-of-Sight High Performance
The HigherPlane's 11-inch diameter, paintable, aluminum baffle and grille disappear into the ceiling, leaving only excellent sound reproduction from your favorite music or movies.

The HigherPlane uses a very low distortion, short coil/long gap, high output, metal diaphragm 6.5-inch woofer that is coaxially mounted with a special 1-inch, high output, low distortion metal dome tweeter, the same tweeter used in THIEL's flagship model, the $13,500 CS7.2.

Completely Time and Phase Coherent
As with all THIEL loudspeakers, the HigherPlane is completely time and phase coherent for much greater sonic realism. THIEL's Coherent Source (R) technology achieves the elimination of both time and phase distortions that cause alterations in the reproduced musical waveforms of most loudspeakers. Eliminating these distortions results in enhanced realism, clarity, transparency and immediacy as well as improved imaging and soundstaging in both the lateral and depth perspectives. Phase coherence in the HigherPlane is achieved by utilizing a sophisticated first-order electrical crossover system in conjunction with unusually wide bandwidth drivers. Time coherence is achieved by coaxially mounting the tweeter and woofer to cause the sound energy from each to reach the listener at the same time.

HigherPlane Specifications
Bandwidth (-3 dB): 75 Hz-20 kHz; Amplitude Response: 75 Hz-20 kHz +/-3 dB; Phase Response: Minimum ▒10 degrees; Sensitivity: 89 [email protected] V-1m; Impedance: 4 ohms (3.0 ohms minimum); Recommended Power: 30-200 watts; Cabinet Dimensions: 11 inches diameter baffle x 7.75 inches deep. Weight: 10 pounds

  • High performance choice when space is a factor

  • Coaxial/Coplanar driver mounting insures accurate, natural sound regardless of speaker placement or listener location.
  • Completely time and phase coherent for greater realism
  • Specially designed, ultra-low distortion woofer and tweeter
  • Self-enclosed, rigidly braced cabinet reduces unwanted vibration for greater clarity
  • 2-way driver system employs very low distortion, short coil, long-gap motor systems, very rigid aluminum diaphrams, and poerful magnets for superior reproduction.
  • Provides great realism for both music and movies

HigherPlane Installation Guide
coming soon

Right: HigherPlane preconstruction bracket

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