The New THIEL ViewPoint

High performance loudspeakers for wall-mounted video displays

"...stunningly beautiful sound... Now it's possible to have both superb aesthetics and superb sound in a room where a full surround system isn't an option."
-Randy Tomlinson, The Perfect Vision

Named the top high performance audio product of the year

The THIEL ViewPoint (R) is a 2-way Coherent Source loudspeaker designed for use with flat panel, wall-mounted video displays. Custom-built to match the size and color of any flat panel display, the ViewPoint offers very high-performance sound and a seamless, integrated appearance.

The Leader in Style and Performance
"I am inspired to abandon my career, buy some ViewPoints and a plasma TV, retire to the sticks, and watch DVDs all day," says Brent Butterwworth in his Home Entertainment & Design review of the Viewpoints. "Movie soundtracks and music videos alike reveal new subtlety and emotion.

"Most high-end audio designers come grudgingly into the world of custom-installed audiovisual systems," says Brent. "...Not Jim Thiel. He embraced the custom-installation trend years ago, creating unique speakers that deliver unbelievable performance even though they mount in the wall or on a ceiling."

The ViewPoint’s combination of coaxial/coplanar driver mounting and 90 degree radiation pattern enables the sound to cover the room far more completely than normal, more directional surface-mount or in-wall speakers. By utilizing the patent-pending combination of mounting the woofer very close and angled to the wall surface, the ViewPoint eliminates the wall-reflection cancellation that mars the sonic performance of virtually every other surface-mounted speaker, therefore providing a greater degree of tonal fidelity, accuracy, and more natural spaciousness.

• High performance sound for
wall-mounted video displays.

• Custom-built, paintable aluminum cabinet to visually integrate with any brand of display

• Completely time and phase coherent for greater realism

• Ultra-low distortion short-coil, long gap, copper-stabilized driver motor systems

• All-aluminum enclosure reduces unwanted vibration for outstanding clarity and spatial performance

• Coaxial/coplanar driver mounting and 90 degree radiation pattern enables the sound to cover the room far more completely

• Provides great realism for both
music and movies

"The look is elegant, but how did this unorthodox arrangement sound? Sparklingly clear and exceptionally spacious, as it turned out."
- Sound and Vision Magazine,
September 2004

THIEL’s Coherent Source (R) design ensures accurate dialog and proper center fill for your favorite movie soundtracks
The ViewPoint’s coaxial driver mounting, very wide dispersion characteristics, and excellent imaging performance also eliminate the need for a third, center channel loudspeaker. THIEL’s Coherent Source design preserves the critical information that contributes to outstanding spatial reproduction to insure accurate dialog and proper center fill.

The ViewPoint's built-to-order design visually integrates with any brand of flat-panel display.

TECHLIVING Magazine's "Must Have" Hot List product for 2004

"Speaker of the Year"
for 2005

Bandwidth (-3 dB): 60 Hz-20 kHz
Amplitude Response:60 Hz-20 kHz +, -3 dB
Phase Response: Minimum +, -10 degrees
Sensitivity: 88 [email protected] V-1m
Impedance: 4 ohms (3.0 ohms min.)
Recommended Power: 50-400 watts
Size: 8" W x " 5 D x Built-to-order H
Weight: 18 pounds

"...the ViewPoint ranks easily among out favorite plasma speakers. Its clarity and detail recall the excellence of those 5-foot tall, 100-pound tower speakers for which THIEL is best known,"-- Brent Butterworth, Home Entertainment & Design

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