New THIEL SW1 using SmartSub™ Technology planned for early 2002

Innovative new subwoofer integrates sub with main speakers, offers high output, very low distortion,
and solves room interaction problems.

A new, innovative subwoofer from THIEL is planned for early 2002. The new SW1 using SmartSub™ technology is a high performance subwoofer system designed to achieve perfect integration with any main speakers for the most seamless, coherent sound possible.

The subwoofer that doesn't sound like a subwoofer
"The new THIEL SW1 is the most advanced subwoofer ever for complete sonic integration in home audio and video sound systems," says THIEL president Kathy Gornik. "SmartSub technology eliminates the major problems and limitations that conventional subwoofers have in matching the system's main speakers and the room. The SW1 is a subwoofer that doesn't sound like a subwoofer."

THIEL's patent pending SmartSub™ technology
The woofer cabinet is a stand alone system for reproducing the "point one" channel in a home theater system and can be used with the companion crossover to allow reproduction of the bass range of the other channels. Both units incorporate aspects of THIEL's patent pending SmartSub technology.
o Smart-Match Filter: The SmartSub crossover/controller can be adjusted to automatically match the SW1 to your main speakers, regardless of brand or type, for accurate and seamless sonic integration.
o Smart-Room Filter: The SW1 can be easily adjusted to accurately eliminate room interaction problems for any placement, without microphones or complicated measurements.
o Smart-Power Circuitry: Unique electronic circuitry corrects for compression distortion due to heating of the drivers' voice coils for more dynamic and effortless reproduction.

Smart-Match Filter: Solution for main speaker integration
"The SW1 subwoofer takes the guesswork out of subwoofer crossover adjustments," says designer Jim Thiel. "Rather than you telling the subwoofer how to perform by setting controls for crossover frequency, level, and phase, SmartSub circuitry automatically calculates the ideal settings once you enter information about your main speakers and system. The result is sonic performance equivalent to a full-range speaker with extremely high output capability."

Smart-Room Filter: Solution for wall and corner placement problems
Like any speaker, a subwoofer placed near room walls or in a corner will produce an uneven response, with some frequencies over-emphasized and others reduced. Using THIEL's Smart-Room Filter, the SW1 incorporates easy to use controls-no microphone or equalizer is needed-to accurately compensate for any subwoofer placement. The result is the elimination of room boundary problems for outstandingly balanced and smooth bass reproduction.

Smart-Power Circuitry: Solution for dynamic compression
The large amount of power used in small, high output subwoofers can produce substantial heating of the voice coils which, uncorrected, lowers output and alters tonal balance. SmartSub circuitry measures voice coil temperature and automatically compensates for reduced sensitivity and response changes.

 SW1 woofer (one of two)

High output, very low distortion drivers for excellent low frequency realism
The SW1 uses two very high output, very low distortion 10-inch drivers. THIEL's innovative short coil/long gap motor systems achieve extremely low distortion and the drivers use aluminum diaphragms for outstanding tonal response. 20-pound magnet structures and special high excursion suspensions allow the SW1 to effortlessly reproduce the most demanding sources with great realism. The drivers are powered by an internal 1000 watt high efficiency switching mode amplifier.

The system is completely modular. Depending upon your sonic needs, you can use multiple SW1s with only one controller. Also, all circuitry in the crossover is duplicated for true stereo to provide better imaging than mono subwoofers. Balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs are provided.

The SW1 cabinet's dimensions are 11 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 23.5 inches high. The weight is 100 pounds.

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