PowerPoint Wins "Editor's Choice 2001" Award from
The Perfect Vision for Loudspeaker Innovation



"Thiel has a long history of creative innovation in loudspeaker design, and the new PowerPoint may be the icing on the cake. Using a radically different driver (a coaxial design) in a radically different (swept back, pentagonal) enclosure, designer Jim Thiel has created as what only can be described as a breakthrough in surround-sound performance. According to Tom Miiller: 'In all my years of reviewing, I have never encountered a product that so completely met a need as the PowerPoints meet the needs of high-performance home theater.' "

from The Perfect Vision, March/April 2001



The Perfect Vision's Mark Fisher presented Jim Thiel with the magazine's
"Editor's Choice 2001" Award for the PowerPoint loudspeaker at the 2001CES.



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