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This fall, a legend will be reborn as THIEL Audio brings new products, new thinking, and a whole new attitude from our new home in Nashville, Tennessee. The future of entertainment is coming. So listen up.

Great Coverage on Thiel from

July 31, 2014

In a telephone interview today, new Thiel Audio CEO John Wittman told us that the company "struck a chord with me personally," virtually compelling him to take over as CEO after the owners' invited him to look at the company last winter. Read more

THIEL Audio Embarks on Brand Revitalization

July 24, 2014

THIEL Audio has announced today that as part of complete brand revitalization plan, the company's headquarters has been relocated to the Nashville, TN area and new ownership has appointed John Wittman as CEO. Read more


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A THIEL through and through. "It's a speaker for those who want to hear every last sonic detail and every subtle ambience in a recording, and who want to feel like they're attending a live acoustical performance rather than slumping in a living-room recliner listening to a hi-fi. In other words, it's a THIEL through and through."

CS1.7 Sound + Vision, September 2013 - Brent Butterworth

A MAJOR STEP FORWARD "If you want to seduce your wife into accepting a floorstanding speaker - and paying nearly eight grand for it - the Amberwood version of this speaker is as suitable for exhibition at MOMA as it is for the listening room, combining a sculptured profile, a visual impact that manages to be striking without being dominating, and a size whose shape and height is well suited for real-world listening rooms without appearing to tower over the rest of your furniture.

One hell of a speaker - and one your wife or partner is likely to be happy to live with."

CS2.7 The Absolute Sound, April 2013 - Anthony H. Cordesman

A NEW STANDARD IN MUSICAL ACCURACY - "This is more than a truly good speaker, however, it is an important one. It makes advances in coherence, transparency, and sonic detail, and in providing the advantages of true point-source soundstaging. I have not heard anything like it at its price."

CS3.7 The Absolute Sound, November 2008 - Anthony H. Cordesman